About us
See what we mean by “disrupting” the rideshare industry! We’re currently expanding throughout the country. 

Welcome to I-GO, where we're reshaping the rideshare experience nationwide. As we expand, our commitment to revolutionizing transportation goes hand in hand with prioritizing your safety and security.

At I-GO, we're not just another transportation company; we're your trusted partner for local rides and premium transportation services. What sets us apart?

Unmatched Safety Measures: We understand the critical importance of safety, especially for our diverse clientele, including high-profile customers, students, and detox patients. Every I-GO driver is not just a rideshare professional but a fully background-checked, licensed, and extensively trained law enforcement officer. Their expertise and readiness ensure a secure and protected journey for every passenger.

Local Excellence, Premium Quality: Whether it's your daily commute, a night out, or a quick errand, I-GO offers the best in local rides—affordable, convenient, and tailored to your needs. We take pride in serving your community with excellence.

Licensed and Fully Insured: Your peace of mind matters. I-GO is a licensed and fully insured transportation company, putting safety and compliance at the forefront, allowing you to enjoy your journey worry-free.

Flexible Booking Options: We strive to make booking as effortless as possible for you. Whether it's online bookings for the tech-savvy or the personal touch of calling or texting a local dispatcher at 603-634-9289, your ride is just a click or call away. Enjoy the luxury of our app when your ride has been confirmed. Track your driver and communicate with them effortlessly.

Exclusive Partnerships and Tailored Services: Beyond local rides, I-Go boasts exclusive contracts with crucial institutions—airports, hospitals, detox centers, hotels, and more—ensuring reliable transportation when it's needed most. Plus, our range of vehicles, from premium cars to buses, is tailored for special occasions and large parties, making your events memorable and stress-free.

Discover the I-Go difference—a journey rooted in trust, convenience, and above all, safety. We're expanding nationwide while remaining dedicated to serving your local community with unwavering excellence.

I-GO—more than a ride, it's a commitment to a safe, secure, and reliable journey.